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The Reputation tab in the Digital Marketing Suite Performance Dashboard is a platform to manage your guest reviews. This article explains how Reputation works to take your business rating to the next level.

The importance of managing guest reviews

Your guests' perception of their stay significantly influences the decision-making process of other potential customers who are looking to book properties like yours for their upcoming trip. Guests' reviews describe your customers' experience, highlighting your services, amenities, and facilities, which can make all the difference in whether another traveler decides to book your property or not. 

To efficiently manage your guests' reviews and maintain optimal guest satisfaction, it is important to have the appropriate reputation management tool; so you can continue focusing on your business's daily operations.

The Digital Marketing Suite Reputation tab:

  • Is the perfect tool to help you respond to your guest reviews quickly, which has a huge impact on the customers' perception of your business
  • Is easy to use and time-saving for replying to your guest reviews
  • Uses AI-generated replies to improve your business's star ratings, web reputation, and conversions
  • Allows you to select the preferred language to generate your reply
  • Gives you the control you need to effectively self-manage your reviews in one place

If the Reputation tab is not available in your Digital Marketing Suite Performance Dashboard, contact our dedicated team for further assistance.

Reply to guest reviews within the Reputation tab

Step 1 - Connect your Google Business profile
  • Access the Google Business Profile section of your Digital Marketing Suite Dashboard to get started. Learn more about how to connect your business profile here.
  • Once your profile is successfully connected, continue with your next steps below.


Step 2 - Access the Reputation tab and guest reviews
  1. In the Digital Marketing Suite Performance Dashboard, click on the Reputation tab
  2. Go to the corresponding review, and click on Reply 

  • Click on the Magnifier 🔍 to search for a specific guest review.
  • Click on Rating to show reviews by star rating or sort by Most recent, lowest, or highest score.
Step 3 - Customize your reply and submit
  1. Select your tone and voice, based on your needs and intention (professional, casual, humourous, friendly) and your preferred language. Click on Auto-generate text, and verify your reply.
  2. Click on Submit

You can use the Auto-generated text button several times until you find your preferred reply. You can also edit the auto-generated text to make it more to the desired intention.

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