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Reservations - Why is a Room Unassigned After a Channel Modification?


When a channel modification comes in to Cloudbeds PMS two possible scenarios may happen:

1 -The original room booked in the channel is different from the room assigned by the property:

  1. The room was originally booked on the channel for the specific room type Twin Private
  2. The room was then assigned by a user to the accommodation type Double Private.
  3. Any modification type is made on the channel by the guest.
  4. When the modification comes in to Cloudbeds PMS, the room will be unassigned because the original room is different from the one that was set later by the user.

Every time a modification comes in the system checks the accommodation type. If the accommodation type is not the same as the originally booked, the reservation will automatically unassign.

2 - The original room booked in the channel remains the same in Cloudbeds PMS

  1. The room was booked and assigned to the Twin Private.
  2. A modification is done by the channel.
  3. Cloudbeds PMS will not unassign the room to add the new modification information.

If the reservation is in the original accommodation type, the modification will not cause room unassignment to add the modifications sent by the channel. 

For above reasons, it is important to be attentive to possible unassigned reservations in your calendar. Check this article to learn How to Find and Handle Unassigned Reservations.

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