Creating and editing reservations for past dates


Myfrontdesk now allows you to create and edit reservation data for past dates.

This feature is brought to offer you more flexibility while managing your property.

Important: This changes will also affect your production and revenue reports for those dates.

It's not possible to create a reservations for past date from within the calendar directly, so you will have to click to add a new reservation.


1) go to Calendar page, click on "+" tab and choose "New Reservation"

2) on the "New Reservation" page click on Check-In tab. In the pop-up calendar, you'll see that it's possible to choose past dates. 

3) Proceed with the reservation details and confirm the booking. If a room is assigned, the reservation will show up in your calendar.



You may also want to change the price for a past on a specific reservation.

You can simply change the prices for the nights you need and click to save updates.


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