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Calendar - Everything you Need to Know


The Calendar gives you a convenient, visual way to manage your property. Create new reservations, assign guests to rooms, change arrival dates, block or hold dates, and much more.

Calendar Legend

Before we begin, take a quick look at the calendar's legend to understand what the different symbols and colors on the calendar mean. Next, we'll see examples of how these appear on your calendar.


The calendar has a lot of features and information displayed at once. Here is a quick summary of some key areas.

  1. Assignments menu: You use this to assign reservations to rooms. Click on any numbers above a date to do this
  2. Jump to a specific date on your calendar
  3. Quick find a specific room
  4. Modify availability on the calendar
    • Allows you to add a new reservation (Direct or Third-Party), block dates, create a courtesy hold, or mark a room as out of service.
    • All of these actions can also be done directly on the calendar (see steps below).
  5. Today - To jump back to today's date
  6. Click All Room Types to switch between viewing just your room types or a full listing of all individual rooms
  7. The legend button will open a guide showing what the different symbols on the calendar mean.
Reservation Summary

Clicking on a reservation will open a summary on the calendar. This can be used to gather quick info about the reservation:

  1. Check In and Check Out dates
  2. Number of guests
  3. ETA / Estimated Arrival Time (for Confirmed or Confirmation Pending reservations)
  4. Grand Total
  5. Balance Due

You may also have the following options depending on the status of your reservation:

6.    Confirm (For Confirmation Pending) or Check out Guest (For In House Reservations)
7.      Reservation details
8.      Un-assign room
9.      Quick Edit
10.     Lock/Unlock Assignments

If the guest is part of a group reservation, they will have a unique icon to the left of their name.

Reservation Notes

Clicking on the notes tab will show you all the notes currently written for the reservation.

Check out this article to learn more about Reservation Notes: Adding, viewing and archiving Reservation Notes

Reservation Assignments
  1. Check how many reservations need to be assigned by the number above the date. 
  2. Either click on that number to go to the assignments for that date or click on the blue assignments icon.
  3. Reservations organized by room type
  4. Select the room/bed and room type
  5. Auto assign all - this may not work if you are already close to full occupancy
  6. Click on the Assign button to save 
  7. Alternatively, click on one of the open spots that appear on the calendar to assign your reservation to that.

  The reservation will then show up on the calendar.

If you attempt to switch a reservation to a different room type, you will be asked to confirm the difference.

  • Override - removes any additional charges
  • Continue - confirms the cost of the upgrade (In the case as shown below, the Deluxe Queen and Deluxe King are priced the same so there is no additional cost.

Lock/unlock reservation assignments on the calendar. Check the following article for further details: Calendar - How to Lock/Unlock Assignments

Create a Reservation

Once you choose the room type:

  1. Click on the date of the check in
  2. Select the check out date
  3. The system will open a window with some options:
    • Create a new reservation
    • Place a timed Courtesy Hold
    • Block Dates
    • Mark the room as out of service

All courtesy holds, room blocks and reservations created on the calendar are synced with your Cloudbeds Booking Engine, Cloudbeds PMS, and all of your connected distribution channels.

If you select create new reservation, the system will open the reservation screen so you can continue the process. Check out the following articles for further details:

Courtesy Hold

With the Courtesy Hold option, you can block the accommodation/room for a period of time. This room will be blocked in the system, booking engine and all connected OTAs for the period of time that is set.

If the Length of Hold time is reached without the courtesy hold being confirmed as a reservation, the hold will automatically expire and the availability will be opened in your system, booking engine and connected channels (OTAs).

You can choose the format of hold - hours or days.

Courtesy Holds show up as a darker blue on the calendar.

To modify a courtesy hold, click on it in the Calendar and the system will show some options:

  • Confirm Reservation -  Confirms the courtesy hold and turns it into a reservation
  • Cancel Hold - Cancels the courtesy hold and reopens occupancy for those dates
  • Edit - Change the details of the hold. Can be used to extend the hold, if needed.
Block Dates

With this option, you can block a room:

  1. Select the dates on the calendar, click on Block Dates
  2. Select Accommodations
  3. Enter the reason
  4. Click save

If you have Shared Inventory feature, there will be an option to block linked accommodations.

Everything that you change on the calendar will affect your availability!

Change Your Rates

Choose the room type and date that you would like to change and click on the rate you want to modify.

Changing a rate on your calendar sets it as the base rate for that specific date and room type. This change will be sent to both your booking engine and all connected OTAs.

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