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Calendar - Everything you need to know


The Calendar gives you a convenient, visual way to manage your property. Create new reservations, assign guests to rooms, change arrival dates, block or hold dates, and much more.


Before we begin, take a quick look at the calendar's legend to understand what the different symbols and colors on the calendar mean. Next, we'll see examples of how these appear on your calendar.


The calendar has a lot of features and information displayed at once. Here is a quick summary of some key areas.

  1. Assignments menu: You use this to assign reservations to rooms. Click on any numbers above a date to do this
  2. Jump to a specific date on your calendar
  3. Quick find a specific room
  4. Modify availability on the calendar
    • Allows you to add a new reservation (Direct or Third-Party), block dates, create a courtesy hold, or mark a room as out of service.
    • All of these actions can also be done directly on the calendar (see steps below).
  5. Today - To jump back to today's date
  6. Click All Room Types to switch between viewing just your room types or a full listing of all individual rooms
  7. The legend button will open a guide showing what the different symbols on the calendar mean.

Use your browser zoom option to see more days on the Calendar screen.

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