How to create a derived Rate Plan for direct bookings?


Creating a Derived Rate Plan will allow you to set up a rate plan that derives its price from the Base Rate. Changing the price of the Base Rate will automatically change the amount of a Derived Rate.

Derived Rate can be a percentage or a fixed value higher or lower compared to the Base Rate.

Restrictions and add-ons will remain intact regardless of the changes made on the Base Rate.

Important: If changing the availability of the Base Rate in Availability Matrix, please make sure to manually change the Derived Rate Plan's availability as well. In all other scenarios Derived Rate Plan will automatically adjust the availability.

1. Go to Rates and Availability > Rate Plans & Packages  and click on New Rate Plan button


2. Name a rate plan with public and internal name. Activate it  and set a value that is higher or lower by a percentage or a fixed amount.


3. Add your included add-ons, descriptions and policies.


4. Upload the Rate Plan image.


5. Set up your Interval and Save

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