Account Balances Report

This report is a crucial report for daily activities and should probably be run 2 - 3 times per day. This will assure that:

  1. No one checks out with a balance due
  2. No Shows and Cancelations get adjusted
  3. No one checks in without payment or a form of payment on file

1. Navigate to Account Balances Report

  1. Login to your myfrontdesk account and go to Reports tab
  2. Go to Daily Activity Reports 
  3. Click on Account Balances

2. Applying Filters

In order to generate the report you may apply certain filters:

  1. Filter by reservation #
  2. Select a type of balance.  
    - Positive = they owe you money,  
    - Negative = they paid too much or have paid for future charges,
    - Zero =  they have paid and balance is zero
  3. Future transactions allows  you to only filter for reservations in the past and present while excluding future reservations
  4. Reservation status will allow you to see only those reservations with status selected
  5. Sources allows  you to filter by reservation sources
  6. Check-In Date filter allows you to filter by arrival date
  7. Check Out filter allows to display bookings by departure date
  8. You can also send the report by email or export into PDF / XLS
  9. Click Apply to generate the report


Filtering by CHECKED OUT reservations

This list should be empty and remain empty: if there are people who have checked out and have not paid you should try to adjust off the revenue or get payment

3. How to Use Account Balances Report

 After applying the filters you will be able to see the report generated with the following data:

  1. Reservation #
  2. Guest Name
  3. Guest Surname
  4. Date Booked
  5. Check-In Date
  6. Check Out Date
  7. Credit Card on File (if the payment has been done, you will see the type of credit card used for the charge)
  8. Reservation Status
  9. Reservation Source
  10. Reservation Grand Total (the total price of the booking)
  11. Amount Paid
  12. Balance
    Negative Balance is marked red= guest has paid too much or have paid for future charge
    Balance Due/Positive Balance is marked black= guest owes you money
  13. Notes Section
  14. Total on this page only and also the grand total of all pages

After generating the report, you can arrange the list by clicking arrow-icon in front of the tabs

You can also access each reservation by clicking the Reservation #

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see a cancelled reservation with a positive balance in the account balances report?

Account balances report does not take into consideration the reservation status. It only compares amount of credits and debits of the reservation.

Usually, when reservation gets cancelled, it means that there was no payment done, and it still has balance due. Important things to consider:

  • the Balance Due will not be zeroed out when the reservation is cancelled
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  • this is a known system behaviour, and in this case, when there was no fee applied, the balance does not need any adjustments
  • please, do not apply any adjustments to the balance and use the filter to see the report without cancelled reservations:
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If you need to apply a cancellation fee to the reservation this article will guide you on the process: Room Revenue. How to Add and Use Room Revenue

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