Payment Processing: Scheduled and Pending Payments


Using our payment processing feature, you can collect payments on a scheduled date. Here's how to check about a reservation's pending payment and also cancel it if needed.

Step 1: Login to your Cloudbeds account

Step 1: Login to myfrontdesk byCloudbeds

Step 2: Find the Pending Transaction

1- Find and access the booking.


2- Click on the "Credit Cards" tab and check on “Total Charged Pending”

3- To see view it in the folio, use the filters to enable the pending transactions.

  • Note: You may also want to only select Credits/Payments.

 4- Click to apply

Canceling a pending charge:

1- Find the transaction in the folio details

2- Click on settings gear and and select "cancel".


Adding a payment to a reservation with a pending payment

When attempt to add a payment to a reservation that already has a scheduled payment, the system will give you the following options:
  • 1. Keep Pending Payment: By choosing to keep the pending payment, both the payment you add currently, as well as the payment that is scheduled to post on date will be added.
  • 2. Cancel Pending Payment: By choosing this option, the payment that is scheduled to post in the future will be cancelled. Only the payment you are currently adding will be posted to the reservation.
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