Daily Revenue Report


This is a high level report of all revenue transactions made on any given day. If you need a summary breakdown of revenue by departments/categories, this is the report you will want to utilize.

How To Generate and Export Daily Revenue Report

1. Choose the date needed

The calendar filter is automatically set to the previous day. Should you want to see another day, you will need to select it by clicking the calendar, select the date and select Apply to generate the report.  
Note: Should you select the current date, please note room rate will not appear on report as the room rates have not run on system at that time.

2. Click 'Export to' button in order to export the data generated to PDF or Excel file

Daily Revenue Report Overview

Report will be available after all transactions are posted for that day (around 2am next day). Please note that even though the report will be available after 2 am, the report will display transactions done until 11:59.

1. Checking categories

Now you may check the revenue according to a certain category. For more information about categories please open the tab 'Categories' below.

Categories Overview
  • Revenue by Rooms Revenue: This will give you the total amount of revenue generated that day for room rates
  • Revenue by Items & Services: This will give you the total amount of revenue generated that day that was posted under items/add-ons
  • Revenue by Taxes & Fees: This will give you the total amount of taxes and fees associated to room rates, items, etc.
  • Adjustments: This will give you a total amount of adjustments that were done that day
  • Grand Total (Revenue): This gives you the total of all revenue transactions that were posted to guest accounts for that day
  • Revenue by Payment: This will give you the breakdown of each method of payment transaction generated for that day
  • Refunds: This will give you a total amount of refunds that were processed that day
  • Grand Total (Payments): This gives you the total of payments & refunds that were applied to guest accounts for that day
  • Grand Total -  This gives you the total revenue for that day's transactions (Revenue + Payments)
  • Ledger: Opening Balance is equivalent to all the "Grand Totals" of all transactions up until, but not including date selected. For example, if you chose 11/05/17 as your date, the opening balance would be the sum of the Grand Totals for all transactions from the beginning of start with Myfrontdesk through the end of business day on 11/04/17 (which is actually 11/05/17 2 AM!).  MTD Opening is equal to the Closing Balance of the last day of the previous month, and YTD is equal to Closing Balance on the last day of the previous year.
  • Change: The sum of the Grand Total (Revenue) minus Grand Total (Payments). The number here represents the differential between both.
  • Closing Balance: The sum of the opening balance + change. In other words,  including the opening balance amount +/- all transactions recorded that day will give you the closing balance.

Please note: the closing balance will also be the opening balance for the next work day. 

  • NOTE: If you are comparing totals to the Daily Financial Report (Total Revenue) please keep in mind that the total revenue on that particular report does not currently take into consideration any taxes and fees.

2. Using Hyperlinks

For transactions that are in blue, clicking on amount on the day, MTD, YTD, will redirect you to the transaction report for full details associated with that category.

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