How to add extra person fees


This article will walk you through the steps to add extra person fees inside myfrontdesk.

The extra person fee setup on myfrontdesk is reflected only for your direct bookings and mybookings booking engine reservations. For connected channels/OTAs (such as and Expedia), the extra person fee must be added directly on your extranet or you must request directly from your account manager.

For more details on this, please refer to this article Do distribution channels support the additional guest prices set in myfrontdesk?.

  • Before you start please make sure you configured your Accommodation types so that Maximum occupancy is more than the Adults or Children included in the price.
  • If you configure, for example, 2 adults and 2 children included in the rate, the booking engine will allow your guest to book 2 adults + 2 children with no extra charge (4 people in total) - Check this article for more details: How mybookings calculates the number of people included in the rate?
Option 1: Base Rates Page

1. Navigate to the Rates and Availability menu and click on Base Rates

2. Click on Add Interval or Edit an existing one by clicking on the pencil icon

3. Select Yes to open extra person fee options

4. Enter your extra person fee(s)

5. Click Save Interval

6. Click Save

Option 2: Availability Matrix

Availability matrix is a tool for viewing and editing rates, availability, and settings. Detailed information about all options can be found here: Availability Matrix Overview

Directly on the availability matrix table

1. Navigate to the Availability Matrix

2. Choose the day you want to make the change

3. Enter the new extra person fee (the changes will be highlighted in blue)

4. Click on Save 

Using the long-term interval tool

1. Navigate to the Availability Matrix

2. Click on the green button +LONG-TERM INTERVAL

3. Select the Accommodation Type

4. Select the Start Date of the interval

5. Select the End Date

6. Choose the option Per Person Pricing

7. Enter your rate for the extra person and confirm

8. Click on ADD INTERVAL

Remember to save your changes with the SAVE button on the bottom right of the page.

How the price for additional adults or child is calculated

The prices for each additional adult or child will add up, for example:

  • Standard room price for 2 adults included is 40$,
  • price for adult 3 is 10$,
  • price for adult 4 is also set as 10$ => it means that the user in booking engine will see as: Price for the Room 40$ + Price for Adult 3 10$ +10$ for Adult 4 = 60$
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