Expedia Collects Virtual Cards: What They Are and How To Process Them


The Issue:


  • Expedia Collect reservations come with Expedia Virtual Cards for the amount owed to the property.
  • These are temporary cards, so you'll want to charge them as soon as possible. If the reservation is for a date far in the future, the cards might no longer be valid by then if you do not charge them right away.
  • Expedia doesn't always send a CVV with these virtual cards. If you have that set as a requirement in either myfrontdesk or Stripe, you'll get an error back as a response.


The Solution:

Our dev team is working on a long-term solution for this, but in the meantime:

  • Expedia will provide the CVV code for every Expedia collect booking to property.
  • Double-check to make sure you are not attempting to charge more to the Expedia Virtual Card than the amount quoted by Expedia. This card is for the exact amount only and will be declined if you attempt to charge more than that. 
    • If your guest stays additional nights or purchases incidentals (items, room service, etc) you will need to collect payment through other methods.
  • Once you are positive the amount is correct, run the charge. 


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