How do I blacklist a guest?


Hopefully, you will have amazing guests only but if you end up with a guest that you want to blacklist for future reservations this tutorial will show you how to create a status 'blacklist' guest and apply it to the guest

Please note that at the moment blacklisting a guest in myfrontdesk means putting an internal status that shows up when you add a reservation manually with a previous guest or view the reservation.

There is currently no automatic mechanism to prevent a blacklisted guest from making a booking, but this functionality is planned in future.

1. Go to Manage and navigate to the "Guest Status" tab
2. Click 'Add'

3. Enter status title, for example, 'Blacklisted'
4. Enter status description
Save the status

You may edit, delete or disable/enable this status any time on 'Guest Status' page

5. Now you can apply this status to the specific guest:
Go to 'Guests' tab, search for the guest and select its status

6. If this guest had already requested a stay and there is a reservation of him - you may go directly to his reservation , click on 'Select guest status' and choose 'Blacklisted'

Now the status for the guest will appear on all his reservations. If the guest will book through other sources and the system will recognize him (the guest should book from the same email with the same name and surname as the guest for which you applied 'blacklisted' status) - the status will be applied automatically and will be shown on the reservation page.

Please note that at the moment the system can't prevent the guest with specific status to make a booking. You would need to cancel the booking, refund the deposit if needed and inform the guest manually.  

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