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Guests and Registration Cards - How to Disallow a Guest


This article shows how to create a guest status to disallow guests, and how to apply it to the corresponding guest profile.


Disallowing a guest in Cloudbeds PMS means to put an internal status that shows up when you add a reservation manually, with a previous guest or view the reservation.

Things to note:

  • This feature works only for manual reservations. If the guest books through other sources like booking engine or connected channels like, the system will not recognize their profile (even if the guest books with the same email, name, and surname as the guest you have disallowed before). This means that the guest status needs to be applied manually.
  • At the moment, the system can't prevent a guest with this status to make a booking. Check internally if you will accept the reservation or not, contact the guest and refund the deposit if needed.
  • is the only channel that allows properties to report guest misconduct from within Cloudbeds PMS to block the guest from making a reservation at your property on in the future. Check the following article for further details: How to report Guest Misconduct to from  Cloudbeds PMS

How to Disallow a Guest

Step 1 - Create the new Guest Status
  1. Click on the Account icon
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Guest Status
  4. Click on +Add
  1. Enter status name, for example, Disallowed
  2. Enter the Description to offer more details about this status
  3. Click Save

Delete or disable/enable this status any time on Guest Status page, by clicking on the toggle/pencil icon next to the guest status.

Step 2 - Apply the New Guest Status to the Corresponding Guest

Option 1 - Via the Guest's Reservation

  1. Look for the corresponding guest and access their reservation
  2. Open the reservation and click on the Disallowed status from the drop-down menu

Option 2 - Via the Guests tab

  1. Click on the main Menu
  2. Go to the Guests tab
  3. Look for the corresponding guest
  4. Select the Disallowed status in the Guest Status drop-down menu

Learn more about the Guests tab.

Step 3 (Optional) - Apply the Guest Status automatically to Manual Reservations

When adding a new manual reservation within Cloudbeds PMS for the same guest, make sure to use the same First Name. The system will display a drop-down menu with all previous guests.

Once the correct profile is selected, the guest status will be applied automatically.

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