Shared Inventory - How to Use Shared Inventory With Channel Distribution

Shared inventory is the practice of selling the same physical room under multiple layouts. This article covers the steps for conventional OTAs.

To learn how to link with calendar channels, check the following article: How to Sell All Units of An Accommodation Type On a Calendar Channel.

How does it Work

  • Listing shared inventory on OTAs maximize revenue potential, but it does carry some risk since you are offering the same physical room multiple times;
  • Cloudbeds PMS will automatically update availability for linked rooms as soon as we receive a reservation for one of the room configurations;
  • If two linked rooms are booked at the same time or in the same reservation, we are unable to adjust availability since we have not received an update from the channel.

How to Use Shared Inventory with Channel Distribution:

1.    Follow the steps laid out in one of the following guides from our Shared Inventory - Frequently Asked Questions:

Once these steps are completed, ensure you that your availability and rates set for your linked accommodation types are correct.

Check the following article if you need to update your rates and availability:

  1. Create additional linked accommodation types in your OTAs to match what you have in Cloudbeds PMS.

If any assistance on the room setup is required, reach out to the OTA support team.

This should only be done after you set up shared inventory inside of Cloudbeds PMS. If this is a new accommodation type, do not add any availability or rates in the channel extranet.

  1. Map the rooms as quickly as possible and run a full-refresh inside of Cloudbeds PMS.

For a detailed guide on room mapping, check our Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines.

Cloudbeds PMS cannot update availability of any unmapped accommodation types.

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