Shared Inventory Guide 3: Splitting a Larger Accommodation Into Multiple Private Rooms

  • Video Training: If you would like to review a video of this scenario, click here.
  • Purpose: Using Shared Inventory to sell both a whole house or separate rooms within that house.
  • Recommended Property Types: Vacation Rentals, Campgrounds, etc

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You may want to rearrange your linked room types on the calendar so that they are organized in a specific order, read our article about how to do that.
  • The split rooms must all be of the same accommodation type.

How Shared Inventory Works with Houses and Other Split Accommodations:

  • In some cases, shared inventory can be used to sell one degree of split rooms.
  • The split rooms must all be the same accommodation type.
    • Example: You can split a house into two identical duplexes, but you cannot split a house into a king room and three studios.


Linking Accommodations Steps:

1. Click on the settings gear icon to go the settings menu

2. Go to the "Accommodation Type" section.

3. Create any needed accommodation types

As an example, we'll be linking an accommodation so it can be sold as either a house or two duplexes.

  • Set "number of units" to the amount of houses you have for sale. Note: Each housing unit will need to be linked separately in shared inventory.
  • Set the correct max occupancy for the whole house. Note: If your houses have separate max occupancies, you should create each house as a separate accommodation type.
  • Write an accurate accommodation description if you plan to offer this unit on your booking engine.
  • Click Save.

Make sure the occupancy for your accommodation types is correct

4. Navigate to the "Shared Inventory" page

5. Click on "Link Accommodations"

6. Read the warning and agree with the terms. If you do no not agree, you cannot use Shared Inventory.

7. Select The Larger Unit as the Primary Accommodation Type

If you have more than one "House" unit, make sure to only select one right now. Each housing unit will need to be linked separately in shared inventory.

Warning: Shared inventory will not work correctly if you ignore this step.

8. Link Your Secondary Accommodations

Select the private rooms that are inside of the housing unit.

Remember: The split rooms must also be of the same accommodation type.

Do not add additional accommodation types.

9. When finished, double-check and then click the blue "SAVE" button

Your accommodations are now linked!

To link another set of rooms, click on "link accommodations" and repeat this process.

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