Shared Inventory Guide 4: Selling All Units of An Accommodation Type On a Calendar Channel


Warning: This is an advanced use case. Be very careful and follow these directions exactly as written. Failure to correctly follow the steps in this guide puts you at a high risk for overbookings.

  • Purpose: Because of how calendar channels are designed, only one unit of an accommodation type can normally be listed on a calendar channel at a time. This shared inventory configuration allows you to get around this restriction.
  • Recommended Property Types: Any properties with listings on both normal OTAs like and calendar channels like Airbnb.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Each individual room will need to be linked separately.
  • Linking rooms using this method will make them unavailable for other shared inventory configurations.
  • You may want to rearrange your linked room types so that they are close to each other on the calendar, read our article about how to do that.

Before Starting:

  • Make sure that your calendar channels have all instant booking features disabled and are set to pending approval only.
  • Remember, calendar channels will still have a delay between when they check for availability


As an example for this article, we will be using shared inventory to sell all three units of a Rustic Cabin on both Airbnb and your other channels

1. Click on the settings gear icon

2. Go to the "Accommodation Type" section.

3. Click "New Accommodation Type"

Write an accurate accommodation description if you plan to offer this unit on your booking engine.

Click Save.

4. Create a new accommodation type for each additional unit you want to sell on a calendar channel

  • Name the accommodation type the same as the room you will be linking it to.
  • You may want to add a signifier like (iCal) or (Airbnb) to help you remember.
  • Set the number of units to "1"
  • Make sure the max occupancy setting is correct.
  • If desired, you can drag and drop the accommodation type tabs to move them closer to the original room

When finished, it should look something like this:

5. Navigate to the "Shared Inventory" page and click on "Link Accommodations"

6. Read the warning and agree with the terms

If you do no not agree, you cannot use Shared Inventory

7. For the primary accommodation, select only 1 room from the original accommodation type

Each individual unit will need to be linked separately in shared inventory.

Warning: Shared Inventory will not work correctly if you ignore this step

8. Link Your Secondary Accommodation

Select the room to link to your primary accommodation. There should only be one option.

Do not add any additional accommodation types.

Click the blue save button

9. Repeat this process for each individual room

Your end result should look something like this:

10. Next, go to the "Channels" page in your distribution settings

Click on the 2-way calendar channel you want to connect with

11. Connect Your Calendar Channel to myfrontdesk

In this case, you'd use the Airbnb and Myfrontdesk Connection Guide.


  • Do not export the original accommodation type's calendar link into Airbnb and do notimport an airbnb calendar link into the original accommodation type.
  • If you are remapping an existing Airbnb connection, delete the old iCal connection in both myfrontdesk and Airbnb 
  • Each accommodation type should be connected with a different listing with its own calendar link.
  • When you are finished, click "Next"

12. Run a full refresh and you're good to go!

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