How to Enable AVS Settings For Payment Processing


AVS stands for Address Verification System. This method checks a card's billing address to help further protect both the guests and hotelier from fraudulent credit card charges. To enable this feature, follow the steps below.

Check out this article for further details about Payment Processing feature

Important Notes

  • Not all payment gateways support AVS
  • Make sure to still have "3D Secure" disabled or not set as required in your payment gateway settings
  • If your gateway has 3D Secure and AVS bundled together, you will not be able to make AVS mandatory

Myfrontdesk Instructions

Login to your myfrontdesk account:

  1. Under Property Configuration section, click on Payment Options
  2. Scroll down up to Billing Address Requirements

3. Once you select where you want the billing address requirements to appear, another option will open up for you to set up the credit card configurations

If you are going to make this a required field in your gateway, set the billing address as required for all options in myfrontdesk. Not doing this can break your payment gateway connection.

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Payment Options - Google Chrome

Payment Gateway Instructions

Login to your Payment Gateway extranet and make sure that AVS settings are enabled on your gateway

  • All payment gateways have different configuration options
  • For further help with your payment gateway, please contact a member of their support team to ensure that AVS is on in the gateway settings so transactions can process correctly
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