How to Connect Despegar / Decolar with Cloudbeds PMS

Despegar is the largest online travel agency (OTA) focused on Latin America. Decolar is their OTA focused solely on marketing to Brazilian travelers looking to travel domestically or internationally. Through this single connection, your property can be listed on both Despegar and Decolar so that you can gain exposure to Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Latin American markets. In order to connect  Despegar/Decolar to Cloudbeds PMS follow the instructions below.

Things you should know before you get started:

  • Cloudbeds PMS cannot import reservations made before the system activation period. These reservations must be added manually
  • Once connected, Cloudbeds PMS system will control your rates and availability. The channel mapping will override the price and availability of your Despegar/Decolar's extranet.

How to Connect Despegar/Decolar to Cloudbeds PMS

Step 1 - Getting Started

If you do not have an account at Despegar/Decolar:

As of May 2022, the channel is not accepting new customers via the website. The self service registration is still under construction.

New subscriptions must be directed to directly via email at - adding Kevin in copy:

If you do have an account at Despegar/Decolar:

Go ahead and proceed with Step 2

Step 2 - Generate your connectivity credentials to connect the channel manager

Once you have created your account, follow the steps below to generate your Despegar/Decolar connectivity credentials:  

How to Generate Connectivity Credentials to Connect with Despegar/Decolar

  • This special login is different from your normal Despegar/Decolar extranet credentials, it is used to connect the channel to the channel manager (Cloudbeds).
  • If you have difficulties to generate them, reach out to your Despegar/Decolar Account Manager for assistance.

Per Despegar/Decolar as of March 7, 2016

"Prior to a property connecting Despegar/Decolar to myallocator, Despegar/Decolar must migrate properties from their current system to a new system. Currently, Despegar/Decolar is training Market Managers to instruct hotels of this requirement.

For any hotel that wants to work with myallocator, the first step is to tell their Despegar Market Managers to be considered. 

The connection can only be made once the Despegar/Decolar Market Managers confirms the property has been switched to the new system."

Step 3 - Start mapping Despegar/Decolar in Cloudbeds PMS

In Cloudbeds PMS:

  1. Access the Manage (gear icon) page
  2. Go to Channels
  3. Search for Despegar/Decolar and click on Not Setup, Click to Setup button
  1. In the Getting Started page, click on Enable Channel
  1. Enter the connectivity credentials provided in Despegar/Decolar's extranet to login
  1. Map the room types created in Cloudbeds with their corresponding rooms in Despegar/Decolar. A drop-down menu will display all the existing rooms in the channel's extranet.

Do not map multiple rooms to one single room in Cloudbeds PMS or channel. The room mapping must be one-to-one.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

  1. Rate Plan Mapping - select which rate plan Cloudbeds will update in the channel.

We strongly advise to select the standard rate, as Cloudbeds can only update one single rate plan.

8. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed. Click NEXT when completed or, if you want to skip, leave it as zero.

9.  Select the Extra Settings: Currency, Taxation, Charge Type, Extra-Bed, Extra-Bed Rate, and Extra Bed Age options

  • Convert to Currency:  Choose the currency that your Despegar/Decolar extranet is set.
  • Taxation Settings:  Choose whether Taxes are included or not in the Room Rate
  • Charge Type
    • Choose Per Room ONLY - Your rate (charge) is per room, Cloudbeds does not support Per Person (occupancy) pricing.

Both Cloubeds and Decolar/Despegar extranet must have the Charge Type setting as Per Room.

If you want to set per person pricing, you need to set them as an Extra-bed fee. For example, in Cloudbeds the rate is $100 (x1 person). In Extra-bed settings, add $20 fee per person to add this rate to each guest (this information must be added in the extranet settings too).

  • 1 - $100
  • 2 guests - $120
  • 3 guests - $140
  • 4 guests - $160
  1. Extra-Bed:  You have three options
    • Same as Room Rate
    • Extra Bed Rate Set Below
    • Skip Extra Bed Rate (choose this option if you do not work with extra person fee)
  2. Extra-Bed Rate (if desired)
    • Set the rate for the Extra Bed
  3. Extra Bed Age: Set the age for when to consider the person as requiring an extra bed
    • Adult
    • Child
    • Infant
    • Baby 
  • These options must be chosen correctly! If these options are not chosen correctly, we will not be able to update your Rates & Availability on Despegar/Decolar
  • If you work with extra person fees, several settings must be done at Despegar/Decolar extranet before completing the mapping process.
    Contact your account manager or channel support team to make the appropriate settings on the extranet.

Refer to this article for further information: Setting up extra bed rate with Despegar/Decolar

  1. Send a full refresh now to make sure that availability and rates are fully updated on the channel.

The mapping is complete.

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