Can Airbnb be connected with other calendars at the same time as myfrontdesk?

  • If a calendar channel (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) is importing both myfrontdesk's calendar and one from another site, they will override each other. 
  • Having two different sources exporting availability info through an iCal URL into a calendar channel will cause conflicts.

This is because each time Airbnb iCal syncs and pulls data from either external calendar, it will set its availability using the info from the most recently updated calendar. This is similar to how having two PMSs connected to myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) creates conflicts.

When setting up Airbnb iCal or VRBO, make sure that myfrontdesk/myallocator is the only calendar that channel is importing availability information into.

Please remember that such type of connection is very limited and will work differently than normal connection type (API).

You can also connect Airbnb using normal API connection. For more information please refer to the article: Connecting Airbnb API to myfrontdesk

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