Shared Inventory - How to Link Two Private Accommodations

Shared inventory is the practice of selling the same physical room under multiple layouts. This article shows how to sell the same physical room as two different private accommodation types. Example: Listing one of your rooms online as either a king or a queen.

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  • Recommended Property Types: Any properties which have at least one room with a flexible layout

Getting Started

  • Do not link accommodations which are separate physical rooms. Shared inventory must be different layouts for the same physical room.
  • Create any additional accommodation types needed - Learn more here
    • Example: If you want to sell the same room as both a queen and a king, you will need to have created both of those accommodation types 
  • You may need to increase your accommodation limit to do this - Reach out to our support team if you need help.

Linking Accommodations Steps

  1. Go to Shared Inventory
  2. Click on Link Accommodations

Read the warning and agree with the terms. If you do no not agree, you cannot use Shared Inventory.

  1. Select the two accommodation types you'd like to link.
    • For private accommodation types, only link 1 specific room from an accommodation type at a time (similar to room mapping in channel distribution).
  1. Additional accommodation types can be linked, but only one unit from that type.
    • Make sure there is only one of each unit from a linked accommodation type selected.
    • Not following these instructions will cause inaccurate availability.
  2. Click Save.

To link another set of rooms, click on link accommodations and repeat the above steps.

You may want to rearrange your linked room types so that they are close to each other on the calendar, read our article for more details.

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