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Cloudbeds Booking Engine Settings - Rate Checker (Price Comparison Widget)


This article explains how the Rate Checker add-on works, and how to customize it within your Cloudbeds PMS account.

Rate Checker Overview

The Rate Checker add-on integrates with the Cloudbeds Booking Engine to help your guests monitor the rates across all your distribution sites and compare them with your direct rates.

How it works

Things to note:

  • Only channels connected to your Cloudbeds account will be shown in the channels list.
  • The Rate Checker does not display Hotelbeds or Airbnb iCals rates because of the type of booking sites.

The Rate Checker:

  • Shows the Base Rate plus any Base Rate Adjustments set during your channel setup. It will also take into account the Base Rate adjustments set within myallocator (Cloudbeds Channel Manager) and Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Does not take into account fees, taxes, additional guest price or discounts charged to a guest when booking through a specific channel.
  • Displays the price for the number of adults included in the rate. Any additional guest pricing will not be considered. Check the following example:


The property below has a Double Room that accommodates up to 3 adults.

  • Price for 2 adults = ฿1,000
  • Price for additional guest = ฿300

As shown below, the Rate Checker only displays the price for 2 adults (฿1,000) and not ฿1,300.

Customize the Rate Checker

  1. Access the Customize the Booking Engine section
  2. Check the Rate Checker Customization Code for the Gallery Design, and follow the instructions to apply the desired changes.
  3. Save
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