How do I change my currency format?


How do I change my currency format?

In this tutorial we will show you to change your currency format, by default the currency format is set by the country your property is listed in. In some cases you may want to change it to match your accouting system or if you use a different currency than your country for accounting or management purposes.

Example: One Thousand is represented differently:

USA = $1,000.00

Spain = $1.000,00

Step 1: Access General System Settings under Property Configuration


Step 2:  Click the Application Currency Format Drop-Down


Step 3:  Change the drop down to your desired currency format


Step 5: Save your changes

After you change the currency format, a black banner will appear at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Currency Recommendations

We always suggest you double check your changes anytime you change currency information.

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