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Cashier Report


If you have Cash Drawer functionality enabled, you can generate a list of cashier reports and access each of them to track operations done with cash, see drawer opening and closing balances for specific dates/period, as well as check overages/shortages during frontdesk shift.

How to access

  1. Go to 'Reports'
  2. Access 'Daily Activity' report
  3. Select 'Cashier Report'
  1. When open up the report you can filter the list of cashier reports you want to check by:
    • Date range
    • User
    • Drawer
    • View
      • All
      • Ending Balance Overages Only
      • Ending Balance Shortages Only
    • Report #
  2. The table will show the list of reports with the following fields:
    • Report #
    • User
    • Drawer Name
    • Date/Time opened and closed
    • Expected Starting and Ending Cash Balance
    • Starting and Ending Cash Balance
    • Amount Received
    • Cash Drop
    • Open and Close Notes
  3. You may email the list generated by clicking 'Email'
  4. You may export the list to PDF/Excel document by clicking 'Export to'

If you are using the Multi-Currency feature, you'll be able to see the expected starting & ending balance, starting and ending cash balance, amount received and cash drop in all currencies.

For further details about Multi-Currency, check the following article: Multi-Currency - Everything you need to know

  1. You may click on 'report #' which will redirect you to a specific report summary
  1. The report summary will display:
    • Shift Start Overage / Shortage
    • Starting Balance - the balance entered when opening the cash drawer
    • Cash Received - all cash payments added while drawer was in use
    • Cash Paid Out - all refunds made while drawer was in use
    • Shift End Overage / Shortage - will be calculated once you enter the drawer balance when closing it, is calculated by comparison of cash received and drawer balance
    • Drawer Balance - the current cash amount in the drawer, before any withdrawals at the end of shift
    • Cash Drop - the amount you are withdrawing from the ending balance. This amount will be removed from the starting balance next time this drawer is opened
    • Ending Balance
  1. If you scroll down you can check all the cash transactions related to the drawer. You can filter them by:
    • account, reservation, room numbers or guest name
  2. You can also group the transactions from the list by date, room, guest name or reservation number
  3. The table shows:
    • date/time of transaction
    • account or reservation number
    • Guest Name/Surname
    • Room
    • Notes
    • Amount
    • Transactions total in all currencies if your are using the Multi-Currency feature.
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