Cashier Report


If you have Cash Drawer functionality enabled, you can generate a list of cashier reports and access each of them to track operations done with cash, see drawer opening and closing balances for specific dates/period, as well as check overages/shortages during frontdesk shift.

1. Go to Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Cashier Report

2. When open up the report you can filter the list of cashier reports you want to check by:

  • Date range
  • User
  • Drawer
  • View
    • All
    • Ending Balance Overages Only
    • Ending Balance Shortages Only
  • Report #

3.  The table will show the list of reports with the following fields:

  • Report #
  • User
  • Drawer title
  • Date/Time opened and closed
  • Expected Starting Cash Balance
  • Starting Cash Balance
  • Expected Ending Cash Balance
  • Ending Cash Balance
  • Amount Received
  • Cash Drop
  • Open and Close Notes

4. You may email the list generated by clicking 'Email'

5. You may export the list to pdf/excel document by clicking 'Export to'

6. You may click on report # which will redirect you to a specific report summary:

7. Report summary will display:

  • Shift Start Overage / Shortage
  • Starting Balance (the balance entered when opening cash drawer)
  • Cash Received (all cash payments added while drawer was in use)
  • Cash Paid Out (all refunds made while drawer was in use)
  • Shift End Overage / Shortage (will be calculated once you enter the drawer balance when closing it, is calculated by comparison of cash received and drawer balance)
  • Drawer Balance (the current cash amount in the drawer, before any withdrawals at the end of shift)
  • Cash Drop (the amount you are withdrawing from the ending balance. This amount will be removed from the starting balance next time this drawer is opened)
  • Ending Balance

8. If you scroll down you can check all the cash transactions related to the drawer and filter them by account #, res #, room # or guest name. The table with cash transactions will show:

  • date/time of transaction
  • account #/res #
  • Guest Name/Surname
  • Room
  • Notes
  • Amount
  • Transaction total
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