Guest Reviews - Adding a Tripadvisor link to your email templates


This article will show you how to add a Tripadvisor link to your email templates. You can also use the following steps to add any external hyperlinks to redirect your guests to a new page.

Visit this article to learn how to create new Email Templates and how to Schedule Email Templates

Customize the template

Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds:

  1. Access the gear icon and click on Email Templates under the Email Configuration section
  2. You can either choose an existing email template to add the hyperlink or create a new template

On this example, we are editing an existing template.

  1. Highlight/select the text that you want to add the hyperlink
  2. Click on the "Insert Link" icon

3. On the pop-up you can:

  • Edit the text to display, if needed
  • add the URL that you want to redirect your guest
  • Choose if you want to open the link in new window or not

To add images, you may drag and drop or copy and paste an image as shown below:

To learn how to add shortcodes (example: [hotel name] ) click here

Remember to click on Save once you finish to edit your email template.

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