How Expedia Collect works


With Expedia Collect, the property will receive the reservation with a Virtual Credit Card

Amount needs to be charged manually on the reservation using this Expedia Virtual Card into the guest's folio.(this number can be checked into Credit Card tab).

The customer already sent the "real" Credit Card details to Expedia collect, paying the amount.

Guest's Credit Card details will not be sent to the property. Expedia will keep the data and collect the payment.


Expedia CVV code:

The CVV code for Visa/Mastercard is:
For American Express, the code is:


Note:  Per Expedia

- The system does indeed generate a cvv code for each Expedia Virtual Card booking, but the generic code works for every card. 

- If the system is not showing virtual card details is because the information have not been sent by Expedia, however Virtual Card are provided by Expedia and can be manually added in the reservation.

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