Idea Board - How to vote for or submit your ideas

Product feedback is a dialogue between the customer and a company. Unfortunately, in many software environments, the product feedback process is informal, causing customers to feel like their ideas are not being heard. But when it's done right, product feedback can be a great opportunity to turn a business agreement into a true partnership.

How do I submit an idea?

You will see: "Have an idea? Suggest a feature" on the bottom of your Cloudbeds Dashboard. Click this link and submit your idea! Once you submit an idea, you’ll receive a confirmation message that will include a summary of our process for reviewing each idea that comes in. 

Please note that Idea Center is currently available only in English.

What happens with my submitted idea?

All ideas are reviewed on a weekly basis by members from our Product and Customer teams. If an idea can already be accomplished, a member of our Support team will reach out to you with more information. 

The remaining ideas are categorized according to product functionality. This categorization allows us to determine idea trends and volume.

From there, specialized teams review the idea categories that are associated with their particular role at Cloudbeds. For example, our reporting team reviews ideas related to reporting functionality. 

While these teams are not able to respond to every person that submits a new idea, your contact information is available if further information is requested. This follow up may include invitations to product user interviews, surveys, or granting you early access to a feature!

How do I know what Cloudbeds is planning on developing in the future?

Our commitment to our customers is to be receptive, honest, and keep a line of communication open so we can work together as partners. For that reason, Cloudbeds provides customers visibility into our product direction. This direction is based on the trends received from our customers. As trends in feedback change, the Ideas Board will change as well.

Submit your idea here!

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