How to vote for or submit your idea in myfrontdesk?


If you have an idea feature request or are generally interested in our product's plans for the future you should visit our Idea Center. Idea Center is our product road map that we use to listen to our customers needs and suggestions, this includes new functionality, integrations, minor improvements, and even text changes. In this article we will provide you with the details on how to submit the idea or vote for one.

How to access Idea center?

Please, go to your Dashboard and scroll all the way to the bottom, and there you will see: "Have an idea? Suggest a feature" and you can click on it and access our idea center:

Please note that Idea Center is currently available only in English.

How to search and vote for an idea?

If you have an idea to suggest, you can access our idea center as suggested above, and search for the similar ideas to see if there are any submitted already:

1. There is a field for search in the top right corner, where you can search for an idea by the key word

2. Click here to vote for an idea

3. You can also see your submitted ideas and votes in the left menu

You can also see when the idea is already planned in the right bottom corner, it means that this feature is coming!

How to create a new idea?

If you didn't find your idea in the existing ones, return to the main menu and click on "Add a new idea". Fill out this form and submit your idea.

When you submit your idea you need to mention the following:

1. The summary of the idea (just one sentence).

2. Please, give it a description, why it is useful, who would benefit from it and how it should work.

3. You can also attach files, the more details provided - the better.

4. You can choose a category for this idea.

5. And when it is ready - click to share it.

We will read all the ideas and consider them for future development of our products.

Please note that your idea will not show up in the Idea Center until a member of our product team reviews it. 

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