Italy Police Report (Servizio Alloggiati) - How to connect

Add the integration in the marketplace to sign up for Italy Police Report.  This is a free integration which Cloudbeds provides for customers in the Italy region.

Contact us at if you need support.

How to connect

  1. Click Account
  2. Select Apps & Marketplace
  3. Search for an Italy Police Report and click Learn More next to it
  1. On App preview, click Connect App. Then, you will be prompted to authorize the app to access specific data from your Cloudbeds account.  
  2. This will bring you back to the Marketplace Connected Apps Page, access the Italy Police Report Integration and click App Pages.
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  1. Enter in the Username, Password you use for the “Servizio Alloggiati portal.  
  2. Enter The WS Key you have obtained from the Servizzio Alloggiati.  Instructions for finding this can be found on page 23 of this guide.
  3. Save
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How to sync guest data

  1. Syncing guest data happens automatically after a guest has Checked in status, no additional action is required.  
  2. You can validate that data is flowing by logging into the Polizia di Stato portal.  
  3. If an error occurs during the sync process, this will be posted back to the Activity log as Application Errors.
  • Once the integration is enabled you should validate that guest data is syncing to the Servizio Alloggiati portal
  • Servizio Alloggiati platform - is the online portal and web service provided by the Polizia di Stato.
  • Follow this guide to disconnect the app.
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