Spain Basque Fiscal Receipts (Ticketbai) - How to connect and use it

Add this integration in the marketplace to sign up for Spain Basque Fiscal Receipts. This is a free integration that Cloudbeds provides in the Basque region.
Contact us at if you have more questions.


  • Advanced invoicing feature is required for this integration. Learn more here.
  • This connection is included to the price of your Cloudbeds package price.
  • Fiskaly subscribtion is not required.

How to connect

  1. Click Account
  2. Select Apps & Marketplace
  3. Search for an Spain Basque Fiscal Receipts and click Learn More next to it
  1. On App preview, click Connect App. Then, you will be prompted to authorize the app to access specific data from your Cloudbeds account.  
  2. Once you have finished this step you can schedule a date and time for this integration to be enabled and data to start flowing to TicketBai. Email to arrange this.  
  3. Once the integration has been enabled, you should generate a few invoices and validate in your TicketBai portal that invoice data is sent through.
  • Ticketbai - is the online platform of Basque government which aims to track invoices generated by business.
  • Follow this guide to disconnect the app.

How to generate invoices that sync to Ticketbai

  1. Once enabled, invoices generated in the Cloudbeds system will automatically sync to the TicketBai system.
  2. Once you generate the invoice it will have the Processing status.
  1. Once the data has been synced, the Invoice status will be updated to Open.

If an error occurs during the sync process, this will be posted to the Activity log as Application Errors. You may need to correct the invoice data and resubmit to sync again.

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