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Property Profile - How to edit profile photos and description in Cloudbeds PMS


The profile photos and description will be shown in your Cloudbeds Booking Engine. Find in this article how to configure your property images and description.


  • Minimum image dimensions: Property Profile (700 x 490 pixels) & Print Header (600x80 pixels) - smaller size image will be stretched to fit, for better results, upload the image in higher resolution than mentioned.
  • These images are used only for Cloudbeds booking engine and will not be sent to any OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).
  • PNG or JPG image files are recommended.
  • We do not recommend image files larger than 3 MB. They can cause loading problems for guests with slower internet connections.
  • You can use, for example, this service to crop your photos.

Property Profile Photos

The Property Profile Photos are the presentation images of your property shown in your Cloudbeds Booking Engine. For example, the entrance, reception, lobby, restaurant and some amenities to give your guests the best overview.

Upload Property Profile Photos

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Access Manage (gear icon)
  2. Open Property Details menu and click on Property Profile
  3. Scroll down to Property Photos
  4. Click Select Image to upload a new photo
  1. Upload your files by either clicking to browse your computer or dragging files into the section:
  1. You can + Add more photos
  2. Or click to remove selected files, if needed
  3. Once ready, click on Done to save  

Editing options

  1. Reorder the photos by dragging them
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the picture frame
  3. Click on "x" to delete it
  4. Edit Alt text: describe the contents of your photo. It is used to describe photos to visually impaired shoppers and has some SEO benefits.
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