Uploading or Changing Images For Your Property and Accommodations



  • Minimum image dimensions are: 700 x 490 pixels for property & accommodation pictures; 600x80 pixels for the header logo (smaller size image will be stretch to fit, for better results upload the image in higher resolution than mentioned).
  • These images are used for mybookings only and will not be sent to any OTAs.
  • PNG or JPG image files are recommended.
  • We do not recommend image files larger than 3 MB as they can cause loading problems for guests with slower internet connections.
  • You can use, for example, this service to crop your photos.
Accommodation Types

Image dimensions: 700 x 490 pixels

  1. Click the 'Manage' gear icon
  2. Go to 'Accommodation Types'
  3. Click 'Upload Image'
  4. Drag and Drop your files or click to browse the file to upload
  5. Click 'Done' when you are finish selecting images

The system will show the size and dimensions of your picture.

Note: We recommend that your image size is not above 3 MB, as larger image files can cause your booking engine to load slower for customers with a weaker internet connection.

6.    On this step you can:

  • Crop the image by hovering over it and selecting 'Edit Image'
  • Delete the image by hovering over it and selecting 'Delete'

7.   Once you finish, click 'Save and Continue'

8.    Once a photo has been added, you can hover over the image to:

  • Crop or remove the image
  • Add 'Alt-Text'

Check out this article to learn more about Alt-Text: What is Alt-Text and how to use it

  1. Remember to click the 'SAVE' button to save all changes.
Property Profile

Image dimensions: property image (700x490px);  header logo (600x80px)

  1. Click on the 'Manage' gear icon
  2. Go to 'Property Profile'

On this page you can:

  • Upload the header logo (this banner will appear at the top when printing any page in the system)
  • Upload your property photos

Follow the same process above to add, edit, crop, delete or add 'Alt-text' to your property profile photos.

Frequently Asked Questions
My uploaded picture is not rotated correctly, how do I fix it?

Most of the time, the photo appears sideways because it is being viewed on a computer with a program to  automatically rotate the image for viewing, but not actually saving the image in the rotated state.

You can fix this by opening the image in a photo edit program (example: Microsoft Paint, photoshop, etc), rotating the image, and then uploading it again. The image will then appear in the desired orientation.

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