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Do distribution channels support the additional guest prices set in Cloudbeds PMS?


No. All prices for additional guests that you configure on myfrontdesk will not reflect in the channel's extranet. 

The only rates sent to OTAs are those you designate in either the intervals of the Base Rates, calendar or availability matrix.

You need to set additional guest prices directly with your extranet account manager or support team (depends on each channel). Currently, only, Expedia, and Decolar allow properties to add prices per additional guest directly in their extranet.

For all the other channels, we recommend you to map only the room types that do not have an additional guest price.

How to set additional guest price for each channel?

This article will explain how extranets must be set. Remember that if you have any questions on how to manage your extranet, please, contact the channel's support team directly.

Let's use a 4-person bedroom as an example:

  • Maximum occupancy: 4 guests
  • The Base Rate on myfrontdesk is set for 2 guests only
  • The prices for the 3rd and 4th guest will be additionally charged

Per Person Pricingmust be created by your account manager, who is responsible for making these settings in their system. This is called "Derived Prices," and you will have to tell your account manager that Cloudbeds will send the base rate for "X" person(s) and ask them to add the price for each extra adult (byderiving upfrom the rate Cloudbeds sends).

When activating the Derived Pricing feature, you must establish the maximum occupancy for that room type. In this example, the room type has a maximum occupancy of 2 guests. Keep in mind that the maximum occupancy is the rate registered at myfrontdesk's base rate/availability matrix.

After setting up the maximum occupancy and to activate derived pricing, the room will be displayed as shown below in extranet:

Note that the prices for the 3rd (x3) and 4th (x4) guests have been activated.

In the example above, the price of C$ 159 (for 2 guests) is the price sent by myfrontdesk.

The price for each additional guest must be set directly at extranet - currently, it can't be sent through myfrontdesk.

Please, check with your Account Manager about any restrictions.


In order to set the additional guest price in this channel, you must contact your Expedia's account manager or the support team and request the activation of the feature "Extra Guest Fee". Make sure that the pricing model is set to "Per Day Pricing".

When activating this feature, set again in the extranet the maximum occupancy for the room type and the prices that will be charged for additional guests.

If everything is set accordingly, Expedia will look like this: Despegar

A number of settings must be defined in Decolar's extranet in order to establish an additional guest price. Contact your account manager or reach out to their support team to perform the right adjustments in the extranet.

Below, we'll list the most important settings that must be adjusted:

  1. Access "Conteúdo web" (Web content)
  2. "Edição Habitações" (Edit Rooms)
  3. Click on "Ver" (see) to open the room you want to edit
  4. "Ver quarto em Extranet Decolar" (See room in Decolar's extranet)

In this page, the settings must be as follows:

  1. Pricing Model = Set it to "Price per Room"
  2. Maximum occupancy for this room = Number of guests must match the settings in myfrontdesk
  3. Minimum and maximum number of adults = it also must match the settings in your myfrontdesk account
  4. Children = Remove all prices related to children and infants
  5. Extra fees = enable the option to charge extra fees

If you find any setting mentioned above that does not match the ones you have in your extranet, contact your account manager or Decolar's support team to make the necessary adjustments.

Next, click on "Ver taxas extras por hotel" (see extra fees by hotel):

  1. Remove all prices for babies and/or infants
  2. Insert the price for additional adult guest allows you to only set a single price, as shown below

Now that you have already created all the required settings in Decolar's extranet, let's move on to the last step: combining extranet's information with your myallocator channel mapping (channel manager connected to your myfrontdesk account).

  • Click on the gear icon in your myfrontdesk account and click on "Channels"
  • Search for Decolar/Despegar and click on the "Enabled" button to check your mapping. Click on "Next" until you see the screen below

If you do not have as an active channel yet, please check our Connection Guide

In the screen above, you can see:

  1. Charge Type = "Per Room" (as it was previously set in your Decolar extranet
  2. Extra-Bed field = select "extra bed rate set below" in order to insert the price in the next step
  3. Extra-Bed Rate = insert the additional price. The price must match the one set in your channel extranet.
  4. Extra Bed Age = select the age that will be charged an additional fee, in this case, adults.

When the mapping is done, if all information is right, the rates in Decolar extranet will look like this

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