Set up Cancellation Policies

This article shows how to create the cancellation policy for your property in  Cloudbeds PMS and also for your booking engine.

This Cancellation Policy will only apply to direct reservations and will not be sent to your connected channels.

Access the Cancellation Policy Page

  1. Click on Account
  2. Settings
  3. Property
  4. Go to the Policies page
  5. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy Options

Things to note:

  • These standardized options means no automation.
  • Your cancellation policy will be displayed on the guest's reservation receipt along with your hotel contact information.
  • If the guest needs to cancel their reservation it will be up to them to call you and you to provide the refund under the terms you have provided.
  • You can update the status of the reservation in your control panel anytime a reservation has been canceled. That room will be opened to be sold online again.
Option 1 - Set a Standard Cancellation Policy
  1. In the Cancellation Policy tab, select the Use standardized cancellation policies option.
  2. You can Edit/Remove an excising policy
  3. Or click to Add New Cancellation Policy.
  4. Select the Cancellation Policy (Full Charge, Partial Charge or No Charge)
  5. For Type, select whether the charge will be based on the deposit amount of the reservation or the full value of the reservation (Full Deposit or Full Stay)
  6. Enter the amount of days before the date of arrival in the If canceled within section.
  7. Save

The maximum number of simultaneous standardized cancellation options is 3. Once this limit is reached, the button to add a new one will no longer be available.

Option 2 - Customize your own Cancellation Policy

For multiple rules in a cancellation policy, the best option is to type all of your policies on the customized policy box.

  1. Select the option Enter my own custom text cancellation policy
  2. Apply format if needed, to customize your text
  3. Enter your personalized cancellation policy text
  4. Save

Find a few examples of Cancellation Policies for your reference here: Terms & Conditions templates

Your Cancellation Policies will be displayed in your Booking Engine:

Translate the Cancellation Policy text

To translate the text to the language in which the guest is viewing the bookings page, enter the translation of your text for each language.

Leaving the text box empty for that language will show the same text as your main application language.

Learn more about other available options to set up your Polices.

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