Cancellation Policy


This article will show the process of creating the cancellation policy for your property in myfrontdesk and for your booking engine Mybookings

Accessing Policies page

1) Click on the "manage" gear icon to go to the settings menu

2) Navigate to the Policies page

3) Click on 'Cancellation Policy' tab

OPTION 1. Setting a Standard Cancellation Policy

  1. Select Cancellation Policy
  2. Click the square next to No so it toggles to "Yes"
  3. Add New Cancellation Policy

4. Select the Charge amount

5. For Type, select whether the charge will be based on the deposit amount of the reservation or the full value of the reservation

6.  Enter the amount of days before the date of arrival in "If canceled within" to define this condition

7. Click Save

  • Your cancellation policy will be displayed on the guest's reservation receipt along with your hotel contact information.
  • If the guest needs to cancel their reservation it will be up to them to call you and you to provide the refund under the terms you have provided.
  • Anytime a reservation has been cancelled you can update the status of the reservation in your control panel and that room will be opened to be sold online again.

OPTION 2. Customize Your Own Cancellation Policy

If you would prefer to write your own cancellation policy, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Cancellation Policy
  2. Check the box "I would like to enter my own cancellation policy"
  3. Customize the text according to your preference
  4. Enter your personalized cancellation policy
  5. Click to "Save" all information

Your Cancellation Policy will be displayed under the map in Mybookings booking engine:

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