How To Add Base Rates


On 'Base Rates' page you can set the base rates of specific accommodation for any period, including certain days of the week and minimum/maximum length of stay and closed to arrival/departure  limitations*. Base rates are also sometimes referred to as the BAR or "Best Available Rate". 

*Important: base rate is valid for all channels (manual reservations in the system, online booking page and connected OTAs.). Some OTAs do not allow setting minimum and maximum length of stay limitations and closed to arrival/departure limitations, click here for more details.

How does more availability help me get more bookings?

Loading plenty of availability – both long-term and last-minute – means you are more visible to more bookers and thus more likely to get bookings. For some OTAs, like the availability you load lets us market your property on channels like Google, not to mention our thousands of affiliate partner websites – from airlines to comparison websites – so we can make sure you are seen by an even wider, more global audience.

Also, travellers like to plan ahead, so you will appear in more search results for if you load availability further out into the future. We recommend at least 1 year to 16 months of future inventory, and to keep this updated continuously.

How to Add Base Rates Intervals

You can set several Base Rate intervals for one accommodation with different rates and restrictions.

Example, "High Season" interval with higher rates and MinLos set, and "Low Season" interval with lower rates and without restrictions.

1. In myfrontdesk click 'Rates and Availability' tab and open 'Base Rates' page

2. Select the accommodation type to add base rates to

3. Click 'Add Interval'

4. Type the name of the interval (use the title which will help you to find specific interval, for example, "high season", "fall 2018")

5. Set the interval period

6. Set MinLos restrictions if applied (for the whole interval)

7. Set 'Closed to Arrival/Departure' restrictions (for the whole interval)

8. Select on which days of week the interval  is available

9. Set the rates for selected days of week

Note: unselected day of week or rate set to 0 means that the room is not available for booking for base rate.

10. Click 'Add Interval'

Interval will appear in the table under accommodation type, where you can edit or delete it.

11. Click SAVE to finish:


if you want to edit the rate for one or few days - it's faster and easier to do through Availability Matrix or directly on Calendar.

Once you change the daily/base rate of the accommodation from Availability Matrix or Calendar - interval will be automatically modified

Adding Interval which Overlaps Existing Interval

If you add new interval which date range overlaps the existing interval - the system will throw a notification asking whether you want to proceed and showing how the system will modify the existing interval.

For example,

1) you created 'High Season' interval from mid-2018 until beginning of 2019.

2) then you added interval 'Holiday' from in June 2018. It overlaps 'High Season' interval

3) the system will throw the following alert. If you click 'Confirm' the system will automatically create 3 intervals by breaking existing interval into 2 and pasting new interval between them.

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