How To Add Base Rate Intervals

Once your accommodation types have been created, it's time to add add your rates. This section allows you to quickly control what prices are displayed for each room type based on the date.
On this page you may include the base rates for any period, including specific days of the week and minimum or maximum length of stay limitations. These are the standard rates for your rooms and the only rates that are sent to your distribution channels.

Note: Per-person rates are used for customizing your mybookings engine and are not sent to your distribution channels. To allow the greatest level of flexibility, myfrontdesk sends out a standardized Best Available Rate across all your channels. This helps ensure a consistent sync with your multiple OTAs. 

To get started, click on the green "Add interval" button.

7. Room Rates

How To Add An Interval

  1. Select the date range you would like this interval to effect.
  2. Choose a minimum and/or maximum length of stay required to make a reservation.
  3. Closed to Arrival/ Departure settings are used to prevent guests from arriving or departing on specific dates within the range. This is particularly useful when combined with the other rate restrictions.
  4. Select the days you want to set a rate for. Not selecting a day within this range will restrict you from being able to sell inventory on those days unless there is a different interval for only those days added.
  5. Click the blue "Add Interval Button"

Once you have added all rate intervals for your accommodations, click on the blue "SAVE" button in the bottom right corner.

How To Add An Interval
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