Rate Plans and Per Person Pricing


Setting different rates for one room is what we refer to as "Rate Plans."

Not all distribution channels support rate plans, while others offer extremely customizable features for varied pricing. To allow the greatest level of flexibility, myfrontdesk sends out a single standardizing Best Available Rate across all your channels. This helps ensure a consistent sync across your multiple OTAs.

This article is only for Rate Plans. For all other channels, please read our article about Distribution Channel Rate Plans instead.

The rate plans and packages settings available in myfrontdesk are only for your mybooking engine and direct reservations.

How it works 

Myfrontdesk sets the standard rate (BAR) of the room in question. Once your account is properly configured, you can have various rates that are based on the BAR.


Private Room, occupancy 2 person

Base available rate (BAR) sent from myfrontdesk: 1500

In, you could then have the following rates derived and displayed to your customers:

Per Person Pricing

  • 1 Person:  Base rate (1500)
  • 2 People:  Base rate +200 (1700)

Per Person Pricing must be created by your account manager, who is responsible for making these settings in their system. This is called "derived prices," and you will have to tell your account manager that Cloudbeds will send the base rate for "X" person(s) and ask them to add the price for each extra adult (by deriving up from the rate Cloudbeds sends).

Additional rate plans

  • Standard Rate: managed by myfrontdesk (XML enabled)
  • Last Minute Rate: Standard rate -10% (restrictions applied)
  • Non-Refundable:  Standard rate -10€ (different policies)

Rate Plans can be created and edited on the extranet. Rate Plan Inside Myfrontdesk:

If the rate plan is XML Enabled, then it can be configured in myfrontdesk, however, only by a percentage. This is why we suggest to not update the rate plan and set the rules in the extranet.

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