Why am I not receiving new reservation email notifications?


We have noticed some of our customers were not receiving email notifications when new reservation cames in.

This started happening after we implemented a new system that sends out the confirmation email from the property's email address (entered on "Property Profile" page)


  • This is only happening for those users that are using a @yahoo.com and @aol.com email addresses.
  • For all customers that are not using a @yahoo.com email, the emails will continue to be sent from the email address entered on "Property Profile" page.
  • For those that are using @yahoo.com email address, the emails will be sent from admin@cloudbeds.com, just as they were previously.

If you want to send from your property's, we recommend you change your email provider to use a different domain.

More information on yahoo's policy can be found here

If you are not a Property Owner, one more reason why you are not receiving new reservation emails notifications is that you were not added to the list of recipients by the Property Owner. For more details, please check this article.

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