Housekeeping Module Overview


Housekeeping shows the status of each room -- whether the room is clean or dirty, vacant or occupied, and to be able to add housekeepers to each room.

Housekeeping is currently an add-on feature. If you would like to add this functionality to your platform, please contact our support team.

1. Navigate to the Housekeeping Section by clicking on the dust-pan and brush icon in the top right part of the menu bar.

2. Setup your Housekeepers

The first step is to setup your housekeepers so you can assign them to rooms.

  • 1. Click the "Add Housekeeper" button to add a housekeeper
  • 2. This will display all of the current housekeepers
  • 3. You can click the "Action" button to edit or delete a Housekeeper

3. Housekeeping Inspection Page

When clicking on the inspection tab you can filter, setup, and edit your housekeeping. The initial section allows you to filter by room type, room status, condition, frontdesk status and a housekeeper.

  1. Quick Assign: choose from the housekeeping staff you have created in the Housekeepers tab, check multiple rooms, and then click "Assign". You can also check the box at the top of the column to "select all".
  2. Specific room and room type: is clear from its title.
  3. Condition: set the current state of the room, either dirty or clean.
  4. Status: whether the room is currently occupied or vacant.
  5. Arrival time: the time when the guest arrives and occupies the room.
  6. Arrival date: the date when the guest arrives and occupies the room.
  7. Departure date: the date when the guest checks out.
  8. Front-desk status: the service that needs to be done in the specific room, if any.
  9. Assigned to: the housekeeping staff currently assigned to clean the room. If none have been, than N/A will be displayed.
  10. Do not disturb: A check box to designate if the guest has requested to not be disturbed.
  11. Accommodation comments: Notes for maintenance or other issues to be aware of.

A new option to configure whether to show the housekeeping condition (Clean / Dirty) on the Calendar has been added. It will appear only if the Calendar feature is enabled for your account.

If you agreed the accommodation condition to be displayed in Calendar, a room that needs to be cleaned will be marked with a red star * in Calendar:

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