Housekeeping - Inspection Filters


The inspection tab of the housekeeping module can be filtered using a number of fields. Below is the list of current filters and their meanings

1. Room Type: shows all your current room types 

2. Room Status: occupied/vacant

3. Condition: clean/dirty

4. Frontdesk Status: check-in/check-out/stayover/turnover/not reserved

There are the following frontdesk statuses:

-Check-In - There is no guest checking out, but there is a guest checking in. 
-Check-Out - Guest checking out today, but no guest checking in. 
-Stayover - Guest is in-house, not checking out today and is staying for another night
-Turnover- Guest checking out today and another guest checking in today
-Not Reserved - Room is not being used. There is no one there now due to check out, and no one arriving.

5. Assigned To: allows you to filter the rooms by the housekeeper assigned to a room

Inspection Table Legend

  1. Quick Assign: allows you to assign a specific housekeeper for multiple rooms.
    • select a room by checking the box;
    • select a housekeeper from dropdown list
    • click Assign to assign a housekeeper;
    • You may also select all the rooms by checking the box on the top of the page
  2. Room
  3. Type
  4. Condition: dirty, clean
    • Shows the current condition of the rooms and allows you to set its state, either dirty or clean
  5. Room Status: occupied, vacant
    • Shows whether the room is currently occupied by a guest or vacant
  6. Arrival time: the time when the guest arrives and occupies the room
  7. Arrival date: the date when the guest arrives and occupies the room
  8. Departure date: the date when the guest checks out
  9. Frontdesk status: this column depends heavily on when a guest checks in and checks out. This column is fully automated and cannot be manually changed.
  1. Assigned to: the housekeeping staff currently assigned to clean the room. If none have been assigned, then N/A will be displayed.
  2. Do not disturb: A checkbox to designate if the guest has requested to not be disturbed.
  3. Accommodation comments: Notes for maintenance or other issues to be aware of.
  4. Click the pencil icon to add an accommodation note
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