Allowing additional bookings when property is at full occupancy.


In most cases a property would want to stop selling rooms if they are at 100% occupancy, but there are some cases where a property would like to allow additional bookings.

This is applicable when the property is at least at 100% occupancy, where one of the room types is already overbooked, but another still has availability.


Enabling this will open availability for the room type that still has availability. Disabling it will close availability for all room types.

You can disable or enable this feature in the General Systeming Settings

Click on the settings gear icon and navigate to the General System Settings page

Find the "Allow additional bookings when property is at full occupancy." toggle.

If Active, it will allow to continue selling any open room type that has available rooms.

(NOTE: Any full or overbooked room types will not continue selling)

If Inactive, it will prevent any future bookings after occupancy hits 100%

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