How to change the room type of the booking


Step 1: Login to myfrontdesk byCloudbeds

Option 1 - Calendar (only for bookings with "CONFIRMED" or "NOT CONFIRMED" status )

If the change is made to " CONFIRMED " or " NOT CONFIRMED " reservations you can use the calendar :

1. Click on the booking you want to change

2. Without releasing the " click " drag this booking until the new accomodation and release it.

3. If there is the difference in price between categories, you can " IGNORE "  the difference or " CONFIRM " the collection of new value. If you have made a mistake, you can cancel the operation

*This alert will appear even though there is no difference in this case you can ignore.

TIP: If you have done the check in the same day you need to change the category, you can easily change the status of that IN HOUSE reserve to CONFIRMED again and make the change through Calendar. Just do not forget to check in again.

Option 1 - Calendar (only for bookings with "CONFIRMED" or "NOT CONFIRMED" status )

Option 2 - Booking details - for bookings " IN HOUSE " , " CONFIRMED " or " NOT CONFIRMED "

For reservations already with the check in done, click the guest's name to access the reservation. In booking details follow the instructions below:

1- Click "Edit book " .

2- Select the accommodation that you want to change by clicking on the option. When selecting the color will turn into light blue and beside, there will be available options for change. Be careful not to get confused > if this is a reservation for more than one room make sure you have selected the correct accommodation.

Edit Booking - Overview

Here you can make many changes (such as when creating a new reservation), you can :

1- Change the period to select a new and hit search

2- Change the price by clicking "Edit " in the line of accommodation you wish to book

3- If it is a private room, you can change the amount of adults and children

4- Change the source of booking

5- Add more accommodation

Room type change

In this example we will change a reservation made for "Quarto Feminino 4 camas" After check them in, they decided to move to a private room (Suite).

1. Click on the booking you want to change

2. Select a new room type and in line of this new room type click " CHANGE " . If you want to add more adults or change the price just click the corresponding fields in the example above.

3. Double check the change at the left side

4. If everything is correct, click to update

Accommodation allocation in the new room type

After the change you will be redirected to the booking details. Make new allocation and do not forget to check in at the new accommodation

1. Select the accommodation

2. Change the status to check in

3. Confirm

Accommodation allocation in the new room type
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