Is myfrontdesk integrated with Tripadvisor Cost Per Click (CPC)?



 At the moment Tripadvisor Cost Per Click (CPC) is not supported to connect with myfrontdesk

As you probably know, we already integrate with TripAdvisor Instant Booking, but in addition to Instant Booking, Tripadvisor offers another integration called Cost Per Click. Due to the way Tripadvisor Cost Per Click works, it is not compatible with myfrontdesk.  Only Tripadvisor Instant Booking is supported.


  1. You can connect myfrontdesk to Tripadvisor Cost per Click through third-party platform - AdsHotel It allows to receive the bookings from Tripadvisor Cost per Click through mybookings (guests who have found your property on Tripadvisor will be redirected to mybookings page)
  2. You can switch to TripAdvisor Instant Booking instead of Tripadvisor Cost Per Click if it suits your property needs and if you meet its connection requirements.
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