Notes Report


There are times when a property wants a place to view notes that have been entered for a reservation or guest. This report allows properties a lot of flexibility.

The Notes report allows you to view all the notes, which are left in the reservations, in only one place.

With this report you'll be able to see:

  • Reservation Notes arriving today
  • Notes entered today
  • Notes for all guests currently in-house

How to access Notes Report

Navigate to Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Notes

How to use Notes report

You can create a custom notes report with filters for users to select what they want to see.


  1. Search by the reservation number
  2. Choose the name of the user whose notes you'd like to see
  3. Notes type: Reservations, Customers or both
  4. Reservation status
  5. Room type
  6. Check in/check out dates
  7. The date when the note was added
  8. Notes Status: Active or Archived
  9. Presets: use this option if you would like to apply one of the filters which were already set for your convenience: Notes added today, today's arrivals' notes or in-house guest notes
  10. Configure report: here is where you can select the items you want to display on the report by dragging them to the display area. Please check the next section for further details.
  11. Export the report and save it for your reference if needed
How to configure the report

By clicking on 'Configure Report' you can:

  1. Stack the items in the order you want them to display by dragging and dropping them
  2. Choose the desired items to be displayed on your report
  3. Add additional fields
  4. Select export file type
  5. Choose the guest name format
  6. Choose the letter casing format

Additional fields can be used to add static data to each row of the export. A sample additional field could be the property's country code or the property identifier.

Set all of your options and click save. 

The next time that you click to export the report, the system will use these settings.

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