Room assignments report


The room assignments report allows you to see which rooms are assigned and to which guests.

How to access

In order to access this report, please, navigate to

  1. Reports section
  2. Daily Activity Reports
  3. Select Room assignments

Analyze the Room Assignments Report

This report lists out each room type for each date selected, along with all the room numbers within that room type, and who is assigned to that room.

  1. Set the needed date range
  2. Select the room type
  3. Show assigned/unassigned: choose if you want to show only assigned or only unassigned rooms, or both options
  4. Click on Apply to run the report
  5. On the left side, you can export the report (PDF or Excel formats)

The report displays:

  1. Room Type Name
  2. The number of reservations on the specified date + number of blocks
  3. Unassigned rooms amount

Check the example below:

  • Room Type: Standard
  • Total of Rooms: 10
  • Number of reservations created: 1 Reservation + 0 blocks)
  • Unassigned reservations: 9
  • On the columns Name and Surname, you can check which reservation was assigned to the specific room

You can click on the guest name to be redirected to the corresponding reservation.

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