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Auto Room Assignment Overview


Properties are able to have their reservations automatically assigned to rooms, without needing to go to the calendar or reservation screen and assigning each reservation individually.

  • Currently, there is no algorithm in place to assign a reservation to a room in order to maximize occupancy. Rather, the reservation is assigned to the first available room.
  • The auto-assignment will only assign rooms for the same room type.
  • In order to auto-assign a reservation, the availability needs to be continuous in the same room.
  • There will be times when you might have to re-assign reservations in order to accommodate all the reservations for a day.
  • Any overbookings will not be assigned as there is no room available to assign.
  • This feature is available to all customers but is disabled by default.
  • Auto room assignments will display in activity logs as being made by "system".
How to enable/disable the Auto Room Assignment
  1. Navigate to the Property Configuration section and click on General System Settings
  2. Set radio button to green check mark if you would like to enable
    Set radio button to gray check mark if you would like to disable

If enabled, all new reservations will be auto assigned to the first available accommodation within that room type.

When operating close to full occupancy, the system will not rearrange previously assigned reservations to fit the new reservation. The reservation will be added to the queue to be assigned manually

When you set radio button to green, you will have 2 options:

  • Assign to all existing and new reservations - This will automatically assign any current and future reservations in the Cloudbeds PMS that are not assigned.
  • Assign to new reservations only - This will only assign any new reservations regardless of source that come into the system after auto assignment feature is turned on.
  1. Click to Save.

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