Changing, Splitting, or Combining Accommodation / Room Types


Correctly creating accommodation types is one of the most important settings for your property. This affects both your myfrontdesk and mybookings accounts as well as the inventory and availability of your distribution channels.

We strongly recommend creating distinct room types (ex "Standard Dorm" or "Women's Dorm") and not separate individual rooms (ex "Standard Dorm Room 1").

Creating separate individual rooms instead of room types will make your inventory incompatible with the majority of distribution channels.


  • Myfrontdesk and myallocator do not delete or change the room types in OTAs. This needs to be done manually by you or your OTAs account manager.
  • To combine rooms, you will need to change your room type settings in both myfrontdesk, myallocator, and your OTAs.
  • Read the following steps carefully and follow them exactly. Not doing this correctly can mess up your availability.
  • Note: Deleting or modifying room types can cause errors in reports since you will be comparing data from before the change or deletion.

Part A: Log into myfrontdesk:

  • If you are completely changing the entire room type: Modify your current room type to the new configuration.
  • If you are combining room types: Choose one to be the new room type and modify its settings.
2. Set new base rates.
3. If needed, reassign all current and upcoming reservations for any old room types.
4. Make sure availability for new room / accommodation type is correct.
5. Remove availability for any old room types.
Part B: Log into your OTAs:
6. Create new room types in your OTAs.
7. Make sure that your channel manager (myallocator) can modify and control them.
8. Delete old room types in OTAs and make sure they are no longer sold.
Part C: Log into myfrontdesk again:
  • If you have changed an existing room type into a new one: Do not delete that room type and continue to step 10. 
  • If you are splitting a room typeDo not delete any room types and continue to step 10
    • NOTE: Deleting a room type can be a difficult process. The reservations assigned to this room type must be re-assigned. Their rates will not be updated to reflect the price of the new room type.

    • When deleting a room type, reservations can be re-assigned to a room type that is already sold out for those dates. We are not liable for any room overbookings caused by deleting a room type.

10. Double check and confirm your availability and rates.

11. Map any new room in myfrontdesk to the new rooms in your channels.

  • Remember: Each room type in your channel needs a matching room type in myfrontdesk. Do not double map rooms.

12. Run a full refresh in the distribution channel settings.

Congrats, you're done!

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