Connecting Zapier to Multiple Cloudbeds Property Accounts

Once you have connected Zapier to one of your property accounts by following the steps in our Zapier connection guide, you may want to link more accounts. The following article discusses how to do this.

Connect Multiple Accounts from the Same App

From Zapier's Knowledge Base:

Zapier doesn't limit you to one account for each app—connect as many as you want! If you want to set up Zaps for two Twitter accounts, Gmail addresses, or Facebook pages, just pick the "Connect a different account" option when choosing your Trigger or Action account.

You can also manage your connected accounts by navigating to "Connected Accounts" in the Settings menu.

Log in to your Zapier Account

Click on your username to open the settings menu, then click on "connected accounts"


Click on "connect a new account"


Search for Cloudbeds


Type in the username and password for your Cloudbeds account

Your username will be the email you use to log into your account. An email can only be used for one Cloudbeds account at a time, so it will be property specific.

Make sure you are signing in with your property owner account or an admin account with full privileges.

Note: Mygroup accounts are not reccommend for Zapier and may cause some connection issues. Make sure to only use a property-specific admin account.

Your account is now connected!

This can be done multiple times for your different property accounts. 

For questions regarding general Zapier use, please contact their support team or consult their knowledge base.

Quick liability reminder: Should something undesirable occur due to a Zapier configuration, while we will attempt to do our best to resolve everything possible on our end, the property user is the one ultimately responsible.

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