What happens if a guest's credit card is declined by our payment processor?


Note: These instructions are for users who have added the optional payment gateway feature to their Cloudbeds subscription. For questions regarding why a card was declined by a non-connected gateway, please contact their support team.

Mybookings reservations:

For mybookings to check payment details, you will need to do the following:

1. Have a gateway connected and enabled

2. Choose either "Authorize credit card for amount of deposit, but do not collect the payment" or "Process the payment for amount of deposit" selected for Mybookings Reservations.


If these have been selected, the system will connect with your payment gateway for approval on the credit card that the guest has entered. If it is declined, the guest will be notified that the card was not accepted and to enter a valid credit card.

In this case, the reservation will not be confirmed until a valid credit card is entered and authorized.

Third party reservations:

Distribution channels are responsible for confirming and verifying reservations made through their system. Most OTAs take the credit card info as part of the booking process before confirming the reservation.

Once we receive the reservation with the data, it can then be processed.

In this case, our system only charges the card and if the credit card cannot be processed, you will receive a notification email.

Since the reservation itself has already been confirmed by the channel, our system cannot refuse it even if the credit card is declined.

For matters regarding card payments for an OTA reservation, you will need to contact the channel and inform them that the CC data is incorrect and then decide whether to cancel the reservation from inside of their system.

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